Te Mata from the Shed [pc]*

On the way back from Ocean Beach you drive over the hills on the eastern side of the TukiTuki valley. Just over the crest at the top there is a safe parking place, where many people stop, to take in the magnificent view of the voluptuous hills and craggy range, with Te Mata Peak (399ft above sea level) on the southern end, from which can be seen 360 degree views: Napier & Mahia Peninsula to the north & east, hill country to the south and east, and the Ruahine, Kaweka & Maungaharuru ranges beyond the fertile Heretaunga Plains. Mt Ruapehu is often visible in the distance.

I had taken several photos from this spot looking both south and north and these started the Tuki Tuki Series paintings. It was mid-summer, very hot and the river level was low and there were reflections in the water. To enhance this effect, I widened the river and also moved the covered shed from the far-right mid-ground to the mid-left to make a better composition.

I also made an imaginary shed - I like the feeling of mystery when you are looking through a window or a door. This resulted in a pleasing painting which sold within minutes of the exhibition opening.
The peak is steeped Maori legend. It is said that Maori chief Te Mata fell in love with the daughter of his rival, the Heretaunga chief. To prove his worthiness and win the beautiful Maori maiden’s love, Te Mata accepted a series of near-impossible challenges. The handsome chief choked and died attempting his final task, which was to eat his way through this rocky range. Te Mata Peak depicts the outline of his prostrate body - It is called 'The sleeping Giant' by locals.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


The Survivor [pc]*

While driving into the country to Sherenden, Hawke's Bay New Zealand I spotted this this wreck of a vintage Wolseley parked in the paddock mouldering away exposed to the elements. I shot 2 or 3 images as I thought it was very paintable. Later, back in the studio I completed the work on a 900x600 canvas. A couple of months later a lovely elderly American couple with their daughter, (who was the Regisitrar of an American university in California). They were art collectors staying in our bed and breakfast. They visited my studio and expressed interest in two paintings. Iris suggested that they be placed in one of their rooms to view at their leisure....the next morning before leaving they requested that I pack them for travel as they wished to purchase the two, The Survivor being one of them. The other painting was Bobbing Along in the Bay.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


Sparkling Waters [pc]*

I drew the dinghy high up in the top 1/3 of the painting, to give it some distance.
Then painted the outline and the shadows on the dinghy the rest is just white paper. The paper is Italian, Fabriano Artisico EW 300lb which is the whitest on the market, so it is very good for painting where you want the highlights to be very bright. I exhibited this at Red Peach Gallery at Ahuriri, Napier, where it sold. Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


Remarkable Mail [pc]*

This painting was completed some years ago. We had been skiing in Wanaka and travelled over the Crown Range for some shopping. On the way back as we drove along the plains, before the turnoff up the zig-zag to the crown range I saw this group of letter- boxes at the road junction entrance to properties. I backed back so the car was out of view, I took some photos & later did this watercolour

Painting on a full sheet of Arches Aquarelle paper (Fr). It turned out well & I exhibited it in the WETA Waipukurau Art Society's exhibition,(where it sold) held annually, in conjunction with their WETA Art Festival, which runs for a week. This is held in what’s originally the old Waipukurau Nurses home & Hospital which has a great view out over the valley to the mountains in the distance & a clear day you can see Mts Ruapehu, Ngarahoe & Tongariro. Also Mt Egmont in Taranaki. It is well organised and run event & is well worth visiting. Iris & I have taken a stand there several times, with a taste of Hawke’s Bay & A Taste of NZ as well as Cards Prints & a few originals.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


The Pride of Maraekakaho [pc]*

Maraekakahoe Woolshed was built in 1883 south of Hastings in Hawke's Bay NZ. It is now a Historic place. I obtained permission from the current owners to go into the building where I did sketches inside & out and took a number of photographs from which I have done several paintings. The shed is T shaped, originally  2 shearing boards with 28 stands, One for Maori and one for Pakeha. Today only 5 stands are used.

This is one of the first sheds in NZ to have equipment installed in 1885. The Woolroom is in the North wing. A windlass with a pulley wheel in the north gable was used to move bales of wool to and from the loft, which was extensive running the length of the building and was also used to store grain. A grinding room was added in 1895. A Race dip added in 1930. Capacity 5000 sheep undercover. In the early day's sheep from all over HB were shorn in this shed and from as far west as Taupo. I painted this work from the north-west looking south.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


Before the Storm

Several times we thought it had been sold, but it hasn’t - yet. We don’t mind as we like it & it reminds us of many happy times shared in that area with our friends - where we celebrated birthdays in the dell under the lights & the stars including the Southern Cross. There is a 9 hole Golf course just to the left which looks out to the Pacific and Bare island in the mid-ground. This particular Sunday we had decided to drive out there to see if I could get some good pictures and sketches over the virgin forest out to Bare Island, as no-one has ever painted it from there. Just before we turned into the driveway to the Golf course, immediately in front of us was this huge Cumulus cloud in the south, probably above northern Wairarapa or Porongahau, in southern HB. It was obviously raining heavily below it, & I said to Iris “ it will be pouring here shortly too, we better not be too long”. I climbed out of the car and took several photos. Climbed back into the car and drove into the Golf course parked and went to take the photos I had come for. But, I didn’t have a ladder & drones weren’t available then, so no success. So after 10mins, we drove back home and I went up into the studio & sketched the scene, from the best photo, with a charcoal stick. I put in the other range of rounded hills in the middle ground, to give the scene more depth & wound the road around, so it was just visible again in the distance the next day I started painting. It took me three days to do the sky & the cloud & another 4 to finish the painting.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.

$3,800.00 $3,500.00

The Guardians – Ocean beach [pc]*

Ocean Beach is the closest, safe family beach, to Hastings - 22Kms, Havelock North - 19kms & Napier 40kms approx. It is very well patronised by the general public as it is very safe for swimming & has an excellent Surf Club patrolling quite a large section of the beach. The beach is 14kms long. Popular for fishing, take your horses & dogs there, go 4 wheel driving, take a dune buggy, quad or motorbike, bicycle or just walk. At the North end of the beach in the dunes is a nudist area. It is also where you can see the natural flora & fauna of the area undisturbed.

Approximately in 1998, an American consortium submitted plans to the Hastings City Council and initially obtained provisional approvalto build an American style beach development along the Beach. The substantial beach houses were to be built side by side on the dunes. Every 800m there would be a 2m wide access way to the beach for the general public to use. The general public was up in arms, as were the Maori owners who own the access to the beach and a portion of the beach itself which have formerly rental houses on them. There were numerous letters in the paper, TV interviews with each side and we attended 2 public meetings held in the theatre. Of course, the Hastings City Council were very embarrassed. At one stage it looked very much like the applicants were going to succeed. We had been out on the beach a few weeks before and I had taken photos of these old macrocarpa trees, I said to Iris at the time, "I should do a painting of these, before they are bulldozed for the development”. I had started the painting, when the Council staff, searching through their old bylaws, found a law that precluded them from putting any sort of development on the beach. Consequently the development was squashed. We were delighted as were the majority. When I finished the painting I called it, “The Guardians” It was on the wall in the studio when a French anaesthetist, Yves and his wife Sarah from Gisborne stayed at the B&B for the weekend. Sarah was immediately taken with the painting & suggested to Yves that they should buy it. He said no we can’t afford it. Later when she went back downstairs he pulled out his credit card, said to me "It is her birthday next week, pack it up and send it to her for her Birthday on Wednesday". I did and when we stayed with them some months later it had pride of place in their lounge.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


An Evening at Take 5 [pc]

One of the few restaurants in the area that has live music on Friday & Saturday nights. The performing artist was Val Venimore an Australian schoolteacher living in NZ with his wife. Val was my art tutor when I completed my Diploma in Painting & Drawing. He was a very good painter, but he was an equally good jazz guitarist. We enjoyed many evenings there in good company. One evening, as we were leaving I turned around and said to Iris, "look at the lights, that would make a good painting". I had the camera in the car, so I took several photos from the median strip to get the whole building and a bit of the sky, then close up together the light and shadows on the footpath. I had to return the next day, when there were no cars parked there, to get the lower portion & the footpath and did some sketches. I used the day time photos & sketches for the drawing and the night time one for the lights & the colours. I finished the painting over 7 days & submitted it to the annual Vidals Restaurant exhibition. Vidals was the very first winery restaurant in New Zealand, It is noted for its consistency & it has won may lamb awards over the years. It is one of the top 4 winery restaurants in HB. The judge was well known & excellent young painter, Nic Scotland. She judged my painting the winner. As well as the Prize money Vidals gave me 6 bottles of their very best wines. Which we have long since enjoyed. At the Saturday session with the judge which was held for the participants in the exhibition I asked Nic did she turn her paintings around when she was painting. She said she did. So since then, I have been trying to come up with a design for a rotatable easel which after 12 years I have finally done. I have built 2 prototypes a Wall & Plein aire model and will shortly be calling for quotes for manufacturing in Aust & in China. I have also submitted applications for worldwide patents for both my inventions. (See “The Gift” listed for further clarification).

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


High Summer – Waimarama [nfs]

Waimarama  pop 1000 is on the East coast about 30 minutes from Havelock North in Hawke's Bay NZ. It is a popular family holiday destination for many.There are many nice holiday and family homes, good fishing, safe swimming, surf club. Bare Island is off-shore. This was painted in February, the height of a hot summer, there was very little grass left for grazing.Along this part of the East Coast it is known for severe storms.A couple of years after I did this work a severe storm did severe damage to some of the holiday homes, brought down trees and enlarged many of the slips in the hills. A relatively new winery has been developed by an artist friend Esther Smith and her French husband winemaker Guillame Thomas - Maison Noire Wines.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.


New Years Eve at Quinovic [pc]*

One New Year’s Eve, I think 2010, Iris and I had gone over to Napier for the New Yer’s Eve celebrations and concert at the Sound shell onMarine Parade. It was well attended so we had to park quite a long way away to get apart and we walked into the Sound shell. After the concert was finished we headed for the car and as we walked passed the 6 sisters - Refer the artist statement for "An Evening at Taking 5". The lights were on in the house and there were people on upstairs on the balcony. It is a distinctive colour, and I said to Iris, “That would make a good painting". So I stood on the middle median strip and took some photos but there were cars parked in front so I had to take some close up ones from the gutter. I was able to do a good drawing of the building, the same size as" An Evening at Taking 5”. I finished it in late September as the Paraparaumu Rotary exhibition is held over Labour weekend annually. I submitted it to the exhibition which is held in the Southward Car Museum. One of the organisers of that exhibition was a personal friend of the owners of the Quinovic building in Napier and so phoned them and told them. When they returned the painting to me they suggested that I should contact the owners who may like Toby it. So the following week I had to go to Napier for something else and I took the painting with me. OI knocked on the door and the owner opened it. I told him who I was and he said to come in. He called his wife and she came down the stairs. I unwrapped the painting and as soon as seesaw it she said, “ We must have that !“ so they bought it and paid me, there and then. when turns around to leave they’d a very nice collection of very good work, by some very well known artists, so I was delighted to be hung in such esteemed company.  Incidentally Quinovic is a business that manages rental properties and they have a few branches in the north island.


Wall of Memories II[pc]*

This is one of many paintings I have done inside and out, at Te Manuiri Station Woolshed, in southern H.B. owned by the Smith family, who are friends of ours, since 1920. Who gave me permission to sketch and to photograph. The shed built then, is made of heart Rimu throughout, has been reroofed at some stage and is in excellent condition.


Triple Peaks III [pc]**

This is a view from the top of Te Mata Peak (1) looking south-east. The second peak is right in front of you, is Mt Erin, the third one is Mt Kauranaki. I have already given you an artist statement about Te Mata Peak please refer to, Te Mata from the shed.  I have done a couple of paintings featuring Mt Erin, but the only one with Kauranaki is this one. It Is called III because I had the original in the studio and the Chairperson of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council called & said she was looking for a painting for the Council’s board room. She liked it and it was duly bought by the Council & it is hanging in the Board room today. I painted another for the Rotary exhibition early the next year and it was sold. A well-known collector who owns a couple of my paintings commissioned me to do this one. The Triple peaks are a spectacular landscape, but the area has another claim to fame. For the past 26 years, there is an annual race  sponsored by MLC, for walkers, runners & cyclists, in March, over the three peaks. You can compete solo, or in a 3 man or lady team. It is  also now possible to run just 2 peaks Kaurakaki & Te Mata. It is 55kms in total.


Another Glimpse of Maraekakaho[pc]*

This is one of two paintings I created from photos I had taken of the entrance of the Maraekakahoe shed which is at the centre of the T shape.


Kidnappers to the Coast[pc]*

It sold to a Canadian couple from Calgary. Who stayed with us & had visited Kidnappers the day before. They wanted it as a memento of their trip. Both views, face to the north-west, with Napier city on the far right. The first one is 50m from where the Gannets are, the second is from the next ridge east, closer to Hastings. This one hung in the studio for quite a long time, but a couple of days before, we started packing up to come to Australia, a lady from Auckland, visited the studio & bought it.


Down Tuki Tuki Road [pc]

We were out for a drive one Sunday in late September early October, & turned hard left, north along the back road to head out towards the coast.


The Second Last Bale[pc]

This work is one of several I have painted of the interior & the wool press in the shed this one is in the southern end.


View from Craggy Range[pc]*

This painting was the third that I painted in the Tuki Tuki Series. Craggy Range winery is one of Hawke’s Bay’s leading wineries on the eastern side of Te Mata Peak range. It makes top flight wines, particularly Burgundy style reds, from their vines, in the west of the Heretaunga plains in the Granite Belt, although they do make good Chardonney & Sauvignon Blanc from their Wairarapa winery. The Winery also boasts one of the best winery restaurants in the area, called “Terrior”. It has a small man made lake which is tastefully planted with mature trees and it is popular for weddings , Birthdays & company functions. Many of our B&B guests ate there while staying with us. In the summer time about 4.15pm when you drive out to the winery and look back to the range the dark blue shadows creeping down the craggy peaks, sharply contrasts with the golden colours of the sunburnt landscape, with a few sheep feeding on the short brown grass. I originally had taken some good photos of this scene & I used one for the drawing and another for the colours. The first painting took me 7 days & I put it in the Rotary Artex exhibition, it sold to a collector. Another client who already owned one of my paintings, wanted to buy it but was too slow, so he commissioned me to paint another but said there was no hurry. Fortunately as, I had just finished it, a couple who visited the Studio, bought it. So I started this one No. III. When it was finished I phoned my client and he called to pick it up. I had photgographed it & used it for the front cover of my book of works, I have in the studio for customers, to look through when they visit.


The Gift [qwa] [pc]

Iris owned & operated a successful Gift Box business in Havelock North, for 15years. In the beginning it was called Taste of Hawlke’s Bay, specialising gathering together Hawke’s Bay made, artisan products & wines and packing them in wooden boxes and baskets. Couriering them all around the world. After a time this morphed into A Taste of NZ. As it was a 7 day business I worked for her on Saturdays and Sundays so she got a break and had time to keep up with the book work.On Saturday after I cleared the post, I opened all the mail and amongst it was an unusual little box with the address a courier sticker, a Fragile sticker and written on the side in ink was Invoice.