Wall of Memories II[pc]*


This is one of many paintings I have done inside and out, at Te Manuiri Station Woolshed, in southern H.B. owned by the Smith family, who are friends of ours, since 1920. Who gave me permission to sketch and to photograph. The shed built then, is made of heart Rimu throughout, has been reroofed at some stage and is in excellent condition.

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I believe in the early days before the advent of machines for shearing there were 6 stands for the hand shears. Now there are 4 stands but I think only two are used regularly. This shed was one of first built in the area and used to take sheep from surrounding properties. I was commissioned to paint this painting after the Smith’s son Butch, who is now managing and farming the property. He lives there with his wife & 3 young children. Butch had seen an earlier watercolour of Wall of memories and told his mother thstnhe wanted one like that but bigger. He and his wife visited the studio one Sunday to discuss size & price. We settled on 900 x 600mm in acrylic, thence said that I also like the painting that mum and dad have of the grinding room.I showed him some photos that had put together of the grinding room with it’s striking blue door. He said yes, 600 x 400mm also in acrylic. So I started on the paintings and when I was almost finished I had a brain wave.I phoned butch’s mother and asked what were all the family’s initials, as I want to put them in the painting? She gave them to me and I duly found a space for them low down on the wall. When I was finished, I phoned butch in the evening and told him they were ready. The next day,, his wife arrived at the studio to pick them up, she was excited and loved them. I told her, that her and the other family members initials were on the wall. She said no they are not on that wall – I said yes they are on this wall!! In the evening Butch phoned me, to thank me for the 2 paintings and said, they would treasure them for ever.

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