View from Craggy Range[pc]*


This painting was the third that I painted in the Tuki Tuki Series. Craggy Range winery is one of Hawke’s Bay’s leading wineries on the eastern side of Te Mata Peak range. It makes top flight wines, particularly Burgundy style reds, from their vines, in the west of the Heretaunga plains in the Granite Belt, although they do make good Chardonney & Sauvignon Blanc from their Wairarapa winery. The Winery also boasts one of the best winery restaurants in the area, called “Terrior”. It has a small man made lake which is tastefully planted with mature trees and it is popular for weddings , Birthdays & company functions. Many of our B&B guests ate there while staying with us. In the summer time about 4.15pm when you drive out to the winery and look back to the range the dark blue shadows creeping down the craggy peaks, sharply contrasts with the golden colours of the sunburnt landscape, with a few sheep feeding on the short brown grass. I originally had taken some good photos of this scene & I used one for the drawing and another for the colours. The first painting took me 7 days & I put it in the Rotary Artex exhibition, it sold to a collector. Another client who already owned one of my paintings, wanted to buy it but was too slow, so he commissioned me to paint another but said there was no hurry. Fortunately as, I had just finished it, a couple who visited the Studio, bought it. So I started this one No. III. When it was finished I phoned my client and he called to pick it up. I had photgographed it & used it for the front cover of my book of works, I have in the studio for customers, to look through when they visit.

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