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This is a view from the top of Te Mata Peak (1) looking south-east. The second peak is right in front of you, is Mt Erin, the third one is Mt Kauranaki. I have already given you an artist statement about Te Mata Peak please refer to, Te Mata from the shed.  I have done a couple of paintings featuring Mt Erin, but the only one with Kauranaki is this one. It Is called III because I had the original in the studio and the Chairperson of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council called & said she was looking for a painting for the Council’s board room. She liked it and it was duly bought by the Council & it is hanging in the Board room today. I painted another for the Rotary exhibition early the next year and it was sold. A well-known collector who owns a couple of my paintings commissioned me to do this one. The Triple peaks are a spectacular landscape, but the area has another claim to fame. For the past 26 years, there is an annual race  sponsored by MLC, for walkers, runners & cyclists, in March, over the three peaks. You can compete solo, or in a 3 man or lady team. It is  also now possible to run just 2 peaks Kaurakaki & Te Mata. It is 55kms in total.

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