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Ocean Beach is the closest, safe family beach, to Hastings – 22Kms, Havelock North – 19kms & Napier 40kms approx. It is very well patronised by the general public as it is very safe for swimming & has an excellent Surf Club patrolling quite a large section of the beach. The beach is 14kms long. Popular for fishing, take your horses & dogs there, go 4 wheel driving, take a dune buggy, quad or motorbike, bicycle or just walk. At the North end of the beach in the dunes is a nudist area. It is also where you can see the natural flora & fauna of the area undisturbed.

Approximately in 1998, an American consortium submitted plans to the Hastings City Council and initially obtained provisional approvalto build an American style beach development along the Beach. The substantial beach houses were to be built side by side on the dunes. Every 800m there would be a 2m wide access way to the beach for the general public to use. The general public was up in arms, as were the Maori owners who own the access to the beach and a portion of the beach itself which have formerly rental houses on them. There were numerous letters in the paper, TV interviews with each side and we attended 2 public meetings held in the theatre. Of course, the Hastings City Council were very embarrassed. At one stage it looked very much like the applicants were going to succeed. We had been out on the beach a few weeks before and I had taken photos of these old macrocarpa trees, I said to Iris at the time, “I should do a painting of these, before they are bulldozed for the development”. I had started the painting, when the Council staff, searching through their old bylaws, found a law that precluded them from putting any sort of development on the beach. Consequently the development was squashed. We were delighted as were the majority. When I finished the painting I called it, “The Guardians” It was on the wall in the studio when a French anaesthetist, Yves and his wife Sarah from Gisborne stayed at the B&B for the weekend. Sarah was immediately taken with the painting & suggested to Yves that they should buy it. He said no we can’t afford it. Later when she went back downstairs he pulled out his credit card, said to me “It is her birthday next week, pack it up and send it to her for her Birthday on Wednesday”. I did and when we stayed with them some months later it had pride of place in their lounge.

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“Hawke’s Bay Series – East Coast”

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