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One New Year’s Eve, I think 2010, Iris and I had gone over to Napier for the New Yer’s Eve celebrations and concert at the Sound shell onMarine Parade. It was well attended so we had to park quite a long way away to get apart and we walked into the Sound shell. After the concert was finished we headed for the car and as we walked passed the 6 sisters – Refer the artist statement for “An Evening at Taking 5″. The lights were on in the house and there were people on upstairs on the balcony. It is a distinctive colour, and I said to Iris, “That would make a good painting”. So I stood on the middle median strip and took some photos but there were cars parked in front so I had to take some close up ones from the gutter. I was able to do a good drawing of the building, the same size as” An Evening at Taking 5”. I finished it in late September as the Paraparaumu Rotary exhibition is held over Labour weekend annually. I submitted it to the exhibition which is held in the Southward Car Museum. One of the organisers of that exhibition was a personal friend of the owners of the Quinovic building in Napier and so phoned them and told them. When they returned the painting to me they suggested that I should contact the owners who may like Toby it. So the following week I had to go to Napier for something else and I took the painting with me. OI knocked on the door and the owner opened it. I told him who I was and he said to come in. He called his wife and she came down the stairs. I unwrapped the painting and as soon as seesaw it she said, “ We must have that !“ so they bought it and paid me, there and then. when turns around to leave they’d a very nice collection of very good work, by some very well known artists, so I was delighted to be hung in such esteemed company.  Incidentally Quinovic is a business that manages rental properties and they have a few branches in the north island.

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