Before the Storm

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Several times we thought it had been sold, but it hasn’t – yet. We don’t mind as we like it & it reminds us of many happy times shared in that area with our friends – where we celebrated birthdays in the dell under the lights & the stars including the Southern Cross. There is a 9 hole Golf course just to the left which looks out to the Pacific and Bare island in the mid-ground. This particular Sunday we had decided to drive out there to see if I could get some good pictures and sketches over the virgin forest out to Bare Island, as no-one has ever painted it from there. Just before we turned into the driveway to the Golf course, immediately in front of us was this huge Cumulus cloud in the south, probably above northern Wairarapa or Porongahau, in southern HB. It was obviously raining heavily below it, & I said to Iris “ it will be pouring here shortly too, we better not be too long”. I climbed out of the car and took several photos. Climbed back into the car and drove into the Golf course parked and went to take the photos I had come for. But, I didn’t have a ladder & drones weren’t available then, so no success. So after 10mins, we drove back home and I went up into the studio & sketched the scene, from the best photo, with a charcoal stick. I put in the other range of rounded hills in the middle ground, to give the scene more depth & wound the road around, so it was just visible again in the distance the next day I started painting. It took me three days to do the sky & the cloud & another 4 to finish the painting.

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.

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