An Evening at Take 5 [pc]


One of the few restaurants in the area that has live music on Friday & Saturday nights. The performing artist was Val Venimore an Australian schoolteacher living in NZ with his wife. Val was my art tutor when I completed my Diploma in Painting & Drawing. He was a very good painter, but he was an equally good jazz guitarist. We enjoyed many evenings there in good company. One evening, as we were leaving I turned around and said to Iris, “look at the lights, that would make a good painting”. I had the camera in the car, so I took several photos from the median strip to get the whole building and a bit of the sky, then close up together the light and shadows on the footpath. I had to return the next day, when there were no cars parked there, to get the lower portion & the footpath and did some sketches. I used the day time photos & sketches for the drawing and the night time one for the lights & the colours. I finished the painting over 7 days & submitted it to the annual Vidals Restaurant exhibition. Vidals was the very first winery restaurant in New Zealand, It is noted for its consistency & it has won may lamb awards over the years. It is one of the top 4 winery restaurants in HB. The judge was well known & excellent young painter, Nic Scotland. She judged my painting the winner. As well as the Prize money Vidals gave me 6 bottles of their very best wines. Which we have long since enjoyed. At the Saturday session with the judge which was held for the participants in the exhibition I asked Nic did she turn her paintings around when she was painting. She said she did. So since then, I have been trying to come up with a design for a rotatable easel which after 12 years I have finally done. I have built 2 prototypes a Wall & Plein aire model and will shortly be calling for quotes for manufacturing in Aust & in China. I have also submitted applications for worldwide patents for both my inventions. (See “The Gift” listed for further clarification).

Signed Limited Edition F/A prints available on request.

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